i'm madison kate.

i am nothing wonderful
but i am called beloved by my Jesus
He is my first love
and i want to example this love i have found.

i find there is joy in the little things
in the overlooked
in the seemingly common
in the simple.
a catching novel to indulge in
a cup of hot tea
how it must be dark to see the stars
forehead kisses
watching the sun set
breathing fresh air
picking flowers
sharing fleeting time
being here and now.

photography is my passion, my artistic outlet, my way of remebering
i want to photograph life as it is
not merely the perfect and the staged.
but what is raw and true
sometimes that means photographing blurs and frames that are not perfect
afterall, isn't that what life truly is?
a beautiful mess.
full of tears and laughs and thoughts that stay with us.

i know i have ten thousand reasons to be here
firstly to love
i am here to make memories last