i ♥ faces "pets only" photo challenge


I just LOVE this one of Pan. He had just been romping around in the grass..
and happened to stop and glance at the camera right when I took the picture.
I love the angle at which I took the picture... and how it shows

his precious face with his tail: just peeking out from behind...
his look is so care-free...he is growing up before my eyes..
...simply enjoying another day of puppy hood.
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  1. he is very adorable! great shot!

  2. I like this photo for all of the same reasons that you do! love the treatment.

  3. Awe!!! Is Pan a Jack Russell? I have one of my own and am curious! He is adorable! Great shot!

  4. Thank you all for the sweet comments! Yes, Pan is a Jack Russell Terrier...I saw your terrier on your blog..so cute!


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