my story in photos: holiday traditions...


This week's entry at iheartfaces is all about holiday traditions.
One of the biggest traditions in my home at Christmas is decorating the tree.. stringing the tangled lights around the green pine branches.. hanging the ornaments that have lasted through the years, (except for those who unexpectedly bit the dust).. and standing back to admire it all.

Another holiday tradition is the nativity-scene set. Each year, the old figures are unwrapped and placed in the small, wooden stable which sets on the coffee table in the living room. The camels stand outside the stable, waiting patiently for their masters to return.. the cow and the donkey lay soundly in the stable.. the wise-men, Mary, and Joseph stand around the manger.. the angel Gabriel hangs from above, watching with quiet eyes.. the shepherd stands in awe at the heavenly being, the sheep scattered around him.. the baby Jesus lays in the manger, hands lifted, face smiling..

May this Christmas be full of traditions.. full of love.. full of joy.. and may it always remind you of God's abounding love for us.. a love that was born in a stable, somewhere in Bethlehem.


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