some winter pictures...


Here are some winter pictures.
The ground is just a thick sheet of ice, and whenever E would step anywhere, the ice w
ould break down and she would fall about a foot into snow. She loved it.
Yesterday she busied herself with collecting huge
pieces of ice and licking icicles. Also, here are a few that I took yesterday, and one of Frosty the Iceman. There wasn't any good packing snow to build a snowman, so we substituted slabs of ice to build an iceman. We ran out of carrots so we used an icicle.. I think he looks pretty good. Right now, the sun is making everything sparkle and it's so bright outside, it about blinds me every time I look out the window.
It's really a winter wonderl
and outside.

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  1. *gasp* These pictures take my breath away. God is such a wonderful artist! <3


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