i ♥ faces "we ♥ kisses" photo challenge...


I ♥ faces is having a ''we ♥ kisses" week.
This is a picture of S with one of E's dollies. Being nearly the same age as sister E, he has fallen in love with playing baby dolls. However, I think he likes it even more than E. :)
He has this one baby doll with blue eyes and blond hair that he named Samuel. He will carry Samuel around on his stick horse, pretending he is going to work on the farm. S tells us that he is going to round up the cows on his big, green tractor. He sometimes leaves Samuel in the baby crib in E's room, which then Samuel cries and cries for his daddy to come back, and S runs back to him, cradles him in his arms, and kisses him.
He says, "Do not crwy Samuel. Daddy will kwiss you and then you will feel better." He repeats this scene over and over.. just can't get enough of it.

I was fortunate enough to get this very kiss on the camera. It is one of my favorite pictures.. S's full lips.. his deep eyes that say so much... I think it truly shows the tenderness of children..
and that blissful world they call pretend.


  1. so wonderful Photo! And what a cute little boy!!!

  2. Oh the LIPS! This one is so sweet!!

  3. I love that... "kwiss"! So cute. You captured a great moment!

  4. Those cheeks are so yummy and oh so kissable!



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