i ♥ faces "bundled up"...


This week's challenge at i ♥ faces has to be "bundled up".
Since we have had no recent showers of snow, I fumbled through my photos I had taken earlier this winter. There were lots to choose from- mainly because if there was snow outside, the kids were out in it, and I with my camera- but I was drawn to this one of my brother G. These trees were glazed with ice and were extremely fragile- he had fun smashing them.


  1. So cute! Good choice putting it in black n' white luv that:)

  2. Wow. What a really great image! I love it. It is compelling : ) I also love the picture of the kids on the side of your blog. Oh my gosh. Pure deliciousness : )

  3. i really like the angle of this shot.
    (also, i love tinkerbell's pink tongue -- too cute.)

  4. What a fabulous shot! Love the icy branches framing his face. And I love the piano in this version of Boston :)

  5. Hey! Thanks for your sweet comments on my Raising Royalty blog! I wanted to stop by to say "Hi" and I'm so glad I did because I LOVE your photo!!!

    The b&w really brings out the beauty!! Great job!!!

  6. Beautiful photo! I love how the branches frame her face!
    (P.S. I have a twin too!!!)


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