in memory of tink...


Last night, my sweet Tinkerbell past away.
It was two years ago that I first saw her, at a dog-days flea market. There she sat in a cage, plump, black and white. After much begging to mom, she was mine. I can remember wrapping the bug-eyed little puppy in my jacket and taking her home. She had come from hard living conditions and developed heath issues, but that didn't stop her from living happily. Her first animal companion was Mr. Cat, who dominated at our house. He didn't much care for her, but she persisted, and soon they were the best of friends. I can remember wondering if her ears would ever stand up straight like Boston's should. She was a mischief maker. She loved to climb into the dishwasher and lick the dishes. She loved to be dressed up, for a while she wore pajamas at night. She was so proud whenever she wore a new collar. And like any girl, she was full of attitude. When Pan came along she was green with envy, but then they bonded for life. As her eye sight worsened and her legs were failing, he kept her active and kept her moving.
Pan misses her. I miss her. She lived two wonderful years, and I'm thankful she spent them with us.
She may be gone, but her memory will last forever.


  1. She was a sweet dog.
    These pictures really show what
    a darling she was.
    We'll all miss you, Tink.

  2. I am so sorry M. I know that Tink meant a lot to you. I'll keep you in my prayers. Yes,your memories will last... God bless you girl.


  3. Aww, I'm sorry, but at least she's not suffering any more. And you still have little Pan.

  4. awww, I'm so sorry!!! :(
    You're definitely in my prayers. <3

  5. I'm so sorry to read of your loss. And shocked as well. So glad she was able to spend time in your loving family as evident in your photos. We are dealing with an aging Boston and at times my heart breaks.You will be in my prayers for the loss of a dear companion that made each day a little brighter.


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