gone dancing...


I probably won't post anything after today...
tomorrow is dress rehearsal. And the next three days are the shows!
I am so excited. Rehearsal went well for me today. As always, I was a little scatter-brained on stage the first time, but I've warmed up to it, and am ready for the recitals.
As for recital nightmares
(for those of you who don't dance, these are pre-recital jitters coming out during your sleep. you dream of the recital, only you can't find the auditorium, something has spilled on your costume, you miss your cue, or the building burns to the ground.) I've only had one so far. :)
We've all worked so hard, and its going to finally pay off.
I love it when the lights go out, the adrenalin starts pumping, the lights go on, the music starts...
I am so blessed to be able to dance. I love it.
Good luck to all the girls dancing this weekend. Its going to be amazing.
(Nope, I didn't take this picture. Right now, my feet are sort of achy and I'm just a little too lazy to take pictures of my shoes.)


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so excited about seeing y'all dance! :) I'll be watching for you Friday night..

    (i'm just assuming that you're dancing with the inkwell peeps, correct?)

  2. I saw on your profile that you like Jack Johnson...I love his music too!
    Good luck on your performances...one of my good friends does ballet too.


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