hectic but dry...


My apologies.
I believe I have broken my record for most days gone by without blogging.
Its been really hectic around here lately. There has been major flash-flooding and tornadoes in the past few days. Thankfully, we are safe and dry. But so many homes and stores have flooded, we are all praying for relief and recovery for those affected by the storms.
Besides that, I have been working like a mad-woman on my presentation for writing class. Thankfully I finished it this afternoon, and I have almost memorized the speech part.
Little Pan is recovering from surgery, and until today he has been confined to the deck. He is joyful to be free again.
As you may have noticed, my blog header has disappeared... oh well, the old one will have to do for now.
S decided to put on his swimming trunks to lay out in the sun today.
Although jumping in mud puddles and playing in the rain is much fun, the sunshine has been missed.
And... prom is this weekend. The corsages are a work in progress, hair appointments have been made...
I can hardly wait!

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  1. Love your blog, and sorry about the floods, glad to hear you are dry though :)

    K xx -- visit at www.thoseblissmoments.blogspot.com


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