not deep or hearty...


No pictures today, but hopefully I will get a chance to post some late this weekend.
I feel guilty if I go more than two or three days without posting, so this isn't a deep and hearty post, I'm just skimming over what's been happening in my life.
Basically, its just been really busy around here.
Today was spent with our grandmother, we went out to eat Chinese food, which by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed. I could eat twelve plates of those little white noodles. Mmmm.
We had our last ballet practice in the studio tonight.
Recital is in less than a week... but I think I can say I finally feel prepared. Can't wait till we practice on stage, that's always my favorite part. I've gotten quite use to my toe underwear. Its still difficult to turn in them, but that's okay. As long as one doesn't slip off during the show, I'm fine.
Oh, and I just saw that The Inkwell has been "redecorated"... so click on over and check it out. I absolutely love it.
Ugh... I have somewhat of a sore throat tonight, but hopefully its just from lack of sleep.
Goodnight everyone... Have a splendid weekend.

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  1. my throat is bothering me too. i think it's allergies because i don't actually feel bad. thanks for the shout out by the way.



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