I don't usually just sit down and type, but its Friday night and I have nothing else to do, so excuse my ramblings.
Tonight was the first of many dance practices to come in the next two weeks. I don't feel quite as prepared for recital as I'd like to, but I am sure that will change with more practice. Our high school class is doing a scene where we partner dance with the youngest ballet class, and tonight we were introduced to our partners. I overheard a conversation between the little girl I am dancing with and her little friend. It went something like this,
"Who did you get?" asks the friend.
Her face filled with excitement. "I got one of the twins!!"
"Aw, I wanted one of them!" says the friend with jealousy.
It totally made my day. Kids are so cute.
So, with nothing to do this weekend, I am planning on sleeping in tomorrow, hopefully getting to play a game of Clue, and maybe taking a walk outside if the storms pass.
To conclude this post, here's a picture of my sweet S and me.
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL capture...and post!

    I often think I should share more. :o)


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