Recital is over. Sigh. Its seems real now.
And I am experiencing what one may call "recital withdrawal".

Everyone keeps asking, "Aren't you glad its over now?"
No, I'm not. I could keep dancing all summer long, although I'm sure my body stamina wouldn't agree with that.

Oh, and I feel like I'm living in a flower shop, but really its just my room.
I separated my recital bouquets and put vases of flowers on my desk, vanity, and bed. It smells like a garden, and looks sort of like one too.

Anyway, I have about a million pictures from recital, and its taking me a long time to download them.
Here are a few more- and I decided to put in captions below each one.

Three Little Women, or the sappy sisters.

This is what pointe shoes look like after four shows.

Little Fairy sprinkling fairy dust.

Little Fairy and Paper Bird.


In the viewing room.

Little Fairy and Jenna.

Walk like an Egyptian.

PB and LF.

Love this one.


  1. hey look! It's me! :)
    Your pictures are adorable... :)

  2. can we see photos of your room w/ the flowers?


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