big news...


I have big news.
This coming Saturday is my first "real" photo job. Two of my best friends' parents are renewing their vows this weekend and I've been asked to do the pictures for the ceremony and the reception.
I don't know if I'm more excited about spending time with them and meeting all of their relatives or taking the pictures?
I am so excited and just a bit nervous. Okay, I'm a little a lot nervous. But that's normal right?
I've done my research (observing other photographer's wedding snap shots). I've also read through the entire manual of my camera. I feel really familiar with all the functions now, more than I did.
Oh and my sister, A, is going to be helping me pose people, she asked that I mention her somewhere in here. :)
If you have any advice for me, (or encouragement would be awesome too), leave a comment.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. thank you, M. you are too kind.

  2. Good luck! Your photos are great! I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job! :)

  3. Don't worry M, you will ROCK THIS!!! Mom and dad say to relax, and that you can do no wrong (as long as you finger stays away from the lense:) You're gonna do great, and I can't wait to introduce you to all my family.giggle.giggle.

  4. i can't wait to see the pictures!! :)
    you'll do great.. i'm sure!

  5. Good luck M! I'm sure you will take amazing photo's!

  6. That is so exciting!! Good Luck! Can't wait to see them :)

  7. congrats! i have been doing photography for a couple of years. . . and i still get as nervous with each of my shoots now then i did in the beginning! just yesterday i did a senior picture photo shoot, and i was nervous all the way there. . . so strange!!


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