the tiniest toad...


This little guy was hopping about in the lane yesterday.
He was the tiniest toad I've ever seen. I don't usually go for the warts and all, but he was just too cute.

(I promise this will be the last post of today, I just couldn't leave him behind!)


  1. I like the third best, and I'm sure no one minds how many post's you put up in one day! I know I don't!

  2. so cute!!
    (i don't usually like toads or frogs, but they do make for WONDERFUL photograph subjects..)

  3. I used to have one, and her name was Hippy, but she passed on in a tragic accident. She actually looked a lot like your little buddy here, except maybe smaller.

    Anyhow, thanks for following my letter blog!
    You are an incredibly talented photographer.


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