august ends...


I finally remembered to post at the end of the month.
And so, August ends. Its been a great month.
Spent much of the this morning and afternoon outside doing what I love, and listening to my new favorite song.
Oh how I love nature. The colors. Everything about it!
Seriously, I think all the butterflies in the woods congregated to our field. They were everywhere. Its amazing how photogenic butterflies are.
E and S came out for a while too, we went mushroom hunting together. We not only found some pretty interesting ones, but a frog too.
Hodge and Pan are enjoying these cooler days. They are completely full of themselves. When Pan sees my camera, he drops to the ground and rolls on his back.
Mr. Cat also joined us in the field. It was so sweet to see Pan and him play together, just like old friends (those two have to be my favorites out of the bunch).
The lighting was great so I decided to shoot in auto focus again.
I don't really have time to edit them, so here they are.
Hope you all had a wonderful August...


  1. Thanks PB!
    And LF, that makes me happy!

  2. Great shots! They are all so beautiful and detailed :)

    Have a happy day..

    K xx


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