aiden and cooper...


I did a photo shoot the other day with two brothers, Aiden and Cooper.
They were such a joy to photograph. Both had great personalities and were so natural in front of the camera. And, oh my, talk about adorable!
So, here are my faves from the bunch. {in black and white, because i love it best}
Let me know which ones are your favorites.


  1. Oh my gosh there is so many! I can't tell you which are my fav cause there would be too many! Great shots :)

  2. Number 3 is my favorite but they are all very, very sweet. Love mommy's face on one side and baby's face on the other. Cute and innovative : )

  3. Beautiful shots! I, like Elyssa, couldn't choose a favourite - they are all great and there are soo many.

    Lovely :)

    Have a great day!

    K xx


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