I haven't posted anything about him, because I was hopeful that maybe my Peter would come home.
Peter Pan went missing last weekend. I don't know where he could have gone. Or what happened. 
I miss him terribly.
This little guy came into my life about a year ago. My parents had heard that there were Jack Russel puppies for sale. I can remember choosing him. Out of all the little chubby, wobbly puppies, Peter was the cutest. His coat was solid white and his ears looked as if they had been dipped in black paint.
I can remember holding him on the drive back to our house. 
Peter certainly earned his spots. And by this, I mean they kept popping up all over his once-white coat. We thought for a while that he might have been part Dalmatian.
He was frisky from the beginning. A playful little guy.
Loved to dig. And dig. And dig. And dig some more.
He loved carrying passion fruits in his mouth. He adored having his picture taken. 
I miss you little Pan.


  1. I am SO SORRY M! That is probably just about the worst feeling anyone could ever have! I haven't ever lost a dog, but I'm pretty darn sure I know what it would feel like!

  2. Aw! That is SO sad! I feel so bad for you! He looks like a very cute doggie :)

  3. why didn't you tell us this weekend!? hope you find him.

  4. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US?!?! We could of prayed for you girl...
    We'll be praying that Pan finds home again,

    Paper Bird and Little Fairy


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