another fall day...


All I can say is... I am loving this weather. It's finally cold enough to wear sweaters & drink apple cider- just another fall day.
It's so wonderful to be able to go outside and not choke because of the humidity. The leaves are so gorgeous, there are almost enough on the ground for a pile or two to jump in! 
We rode bikes and collected leaves after school. I took these two photos, of me and E. {Just so you know, she's not as glum as she looks. She was making the "fashion girl" face, because she was wearing her new zebra coat and pink, knit hat.}
Oh, and this is my last day with long hair. I'm getting it cut tomorrow. {Just thought I'd announce that. Haha.}
Have a great day, bloggers!


  1. How short are you cutting it? Can't wait to see!!
    Cute photos :)

  2. You are so pretty. And you look like you are 10. I am trying to still like you. It's hard : )


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