trick or treat...


Tonight was trick-or-treating.
S decided to sit this one out, due to the fact that he is scared of masks {I honestly cannot blame him one bit}. E, however, thought it was the greatest. Her princess costume was complete with three blingy rings, a diamond tiara, and her light up sketchers. She practiced saying the trick-or-treat phrase all afternoon.
"I must wear these, so everyone will know that The Princess is trick-or-treating tonight!"
This little princess had to be the fastest trick-or-treater there. She flew right ahead of the group of children, practically running from door to door.
"This is the best night of my life!" she exclaimed, climbing back into the car, her bucket full of sugary sweets.
{My apologies for the slightly blurry photos... my camera wasn't functioning well in the dark.}
 p.s. I was so surprised when I got back... I was chosen as one of Angie & Amy's faves over at i ♥ faces for this week's contest! Eeeek! c:



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  1. Looks like fun!
    Congrats on your THIRD photo picked as Amy and Angie's Favourite :)


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