enough to last a weekend...


signing out.
I believe I'll be signing out of the blog world this weekend. There's work for me tomorrow. A sleepover tomorrow night. And then the Christmas Ball is on Saturday. I can't wait. I'll be returning with pictures hopefully... but in the meantime, here are enough to last a weekend. 

a bit of branch.
S was carrying this branch around the house this afternoon. "I have a Ch-wisth-mas tree!"

the boys.
 Staying busy, as usual. Keeping us entertained, as usual.

peace out.
I know this one's blurry. But I just had to post it.

 oversized sweaters.
They are cozy and comfy. Perfect for cold weather. What is your most cozy, winter attire like these days?

I set my pictures to be extra large. Do they look okay?


  1. Love your pics xtra large! My fav is the last one :)

  2. My cozy attire wood be my striped boot-slippers and my long black sweater...I think I prefer the pics in large though. They look more crisp that way. But that's just me:) I can't wait to see you tonight!


  3. aww i love your pictures! and great blog :)

  4. I love the blurry pieced out shot!

  5. you're really cute. love the pics!

  6. YES! the XL setting is great. I love not having to squint to see the details. haha! Cute kiddos :)


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