it's just like alice in wonderland.
That was E's response when she saw this one. She made me laugh so hard. And just to ease your mind, I don't wear crazy foot attire like these frequently. I grabbed the first socks and shoes in my closet for my walk today in the chilly, winter air.

 I'm having the funnest time with all this snow and ice. It's such a wonderful challenge to find the smallest things to photograph, because sometimes they turn out to be the neatest photos.

getting there.
I think I'm getting the hang of this snow thing. G agreed to try it again today, and it turned out better than I had hoped. Who knows, I think he might be blowing a bit too hard.

 the yellow mug.
Probably my favorite cup ever. I painted it at a pottery painting place {i know, i'm so creative when it comes to naming places} this past summer. It's two times larger than a normal sized mug, which means I can drink twice the amount of beverage I normally would. Lately, I've been drinking three cups of hot peppermint tea per day. I think I'm slightly addicted. What about you? What's your favorite winter-time beverage?

 blinded by clementines.
Doesn't this picture make you squint your eyes? It does to me. The clementines on our kitchen counter were practically begging me for a picture. Their orange color is so vivid and alive. But the flash on my camera reflects on them. Any tips or advice for me when it comes to shiny fruit?  

the post with no title.
I'm running out of ideas for post titles, especially since I've started these "mini-titles". So, except for photo contests and such, my posts will from now on... 
be title-less.


  1. I love crazy socks :)
    I want a pair of knee high black & white socks.
    I'll have to take a trip to the store soon ^^ do my own photoshoot with my Texas weather. It's December and it was 70 degree's today. hehe.

  2. Yes, very Alice. The snow looks great, wonder if it had anything to do with sun and/or wind? The spotlights in our front yard (for Christmas) reflected the snow beautifully! The ice pics are great! Would adjusting the aperture (probably spelled that wrong:) help with the clemintines? I don't know:) See ya Thursday!


  3. Flash: I never use flash, I think it makes my photos (not yours, their beautiful!) messed up, so try no flash!

  4. Wow! The ice shoots are so beautiful! Love it! I never knew they could look so cool.

    I might have to have some peppermint tea now.

  5. Well, I just love your mini-posts, so I think it's great. I never saw that mug after it was finished, as for me and winter beverages, I go with hot chocolate (so old school) especially mint or white. yumo. Great pics, see you tomorrow. So excited about lunch.

  6. last winter i drank hot tea like it was going out of style, but i haven't yet this winter. your photo and post make me want to now!

  7. These are all beautiful :) I really love the one blowing the snow in his hands, looks great!

  8. I am really diggin' your icicle shots!..beautiful! I tried to get some today and they turned out a little less than stellar but I'm going to try to work on them a bit and see if they grow on me. I really like the shot you took looking down at your feet too--it just looks cool. And as for the shiney fruit..I'm with Iris..shoot with no flash as much as possible if you can! Oh, and look up "lightscoop"..it's a super cheap thingy that you stick on your on-camera flash to bounce the light so it looks more natural.

  9. Great detail in the icicle shots.
    Beauty in simplicity; very nice. :)

    You said It's such a wonderful challenge to find the smallest things to photograph, because sometimes they turn out to be the neatest photos

    I wholeheartedly agree. I've been looked down upon somewhat by some other people who find it strange that I often take photos of everyday objects - I think that a creative take on something ordinary can often turn it into an interesting image, and that to think that to think that's strange might be somewhat elitist.
    Ha, here I go talking about myself as usual...

    Thanks again for the comment.


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