i admit


1. i am in love with things from the sea
During the summer of '10, we spend a week down in Florida. I'll admit, the salty and slightly fishy smell of the air sometimes made me want to belch. I'll admit, the major sun poisoning on my left leg didn't appeal to me one bit. But I'll also admit that some of my best spent moments were down by the tide, collecting shells and beached sea creatures. Sand dollars, sea horses, and this urchin were among my findings. The various purple tints are so unique and I love the bubbly shape of it.

2. i feel like i need sunlight for good photos
I admit, I've always felt like natural lighting is essential in my photography. When the sky is groggy and dull, I usually won't even bring my camera out with me. I know I should learn to use my camera in all weather conditions, but I'll admit, I can't help it. I love sun rays, sun flair, the shadows it casts, and how it can illuminate my subject's face.

3. wrapping gifts is a hobby of mine
As geeky as that sounds, I admit it is true. Whenever a birthday or holiday comes up, the promise of gift wrapping excites me. Although I'm certianly no pro at it, I find it so freeing. 



  1. I use natural light so much. I don't have a problem with grey skies outside, but I can't do indoor. That's something I want to work on.

    By the way, I started my photography blog! anewkindofstory.blogspot.com

  2. you take some magnificent shots :) The 3rd one of that sea shell/creature (what is it exactly?) is stunning! And of course, you get great picture of those kids :) Hope the sunny days keep coming for you.

  3. oh wow..the pics of the sea urchin are awesome..I can't decide which one I like most, the 2nd or 3rd one. I have never come across one of those at the beach..very cool.

  4. I am glad you made the most of your beach time : ) Look at those fantastic shots!


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