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  • For those of you who read my last post, I am 3/4 of the way through Marley and Me. I'm loving every minute of it. This book is filled with humor, love, and oh yeah- a dog. Plus the cover is really cute. So that helps. But in all seriousness, its a great book. Just a story about family life & the things that come with it.
  • I am tired of winter. Sigh, there. I said it. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow. And it excites me greatly. But these icy roads are about to work my nerves into the ground. On the way to town this morning, we saw a truck that had slid off the road and was in the ditch. The vehicle resembled that of one of my friends', which sent my nerves flying. Turns out, the friend was safe at home. But oh boy, I really can't stand ice on the roads. I refuse to drive in post-snow weather. Its also been way too cold to take any pictures outside, which bugs me like nothing else.
  • On a lighter note, can I just point out that there are now 80+ followers?! Can't tell you how happy this makes me. When I started this blog, I had no clue that anyone would care to read it. Thanks followers!

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  1. You know what's coming at the end of M&M, right? It is such a sweet book, but of course so sad in the end. :)


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