scavenger hunt sunday


1. this is me
I chose the most recent picture of myself. Please excuse my creepy fingers, don't know what happened there.

2. resolutions
I usually consider goals more of my style than resolutions. This year, I would really love to get more out of photography. I want to improve my skills, learn more about my camera and photography terms. I also want to start entering more photo challenges.

3. treasured
My parents bought this for me when I was eight. We were vacationing in Florida & found an amazing little shop that sold blown glass figurines. I got to pick out just one to take home. This little dog is not only a reminder of that trip, but a treasured memory of my childhood.

4. innocent
Okay. So he's not exactly "innocent" most of the times. But he puts up a pretty convincing face here, don't you think?

5. primitive
I searched the house all day for something to fit into this category. These scissors were hiding in the bathroom closet. 


  1. Great pictures, loved them all, specially the innocence one :)

  2. Treasured and innocent, how can I not love them :) Beautiful!

  3. Great shot love the last ones DOF.

  4. I love each of your shots this week but I especially love your perspective on innocence!

  5. fantastic photos, as always :) And I love your "treasure"...such a cute figurine of a sweet memory

  6. New follower, i just love your photos.

  7. same here! goals are more up my alley. I'm going to try to enter more photo contests/challenges too. good luck!

  8. Great detail in the macro shots. :)

  9. Thanks for commenting! Great pictures :) I'm now a follower of your blog too! :)

  10. the shot of the glass figurine is my favorite. Excellent use of angles and perspective - such a treat to behold these.


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