fairy houses


Do you know any fairies who are looking for a home? I think we have what they need. Just this afternoon, E and S created two beautiful fairy homes. Constructed with hardy shoe-box walls, the houses are perfect for those oh-so-windy spring days. Complete with furnishings, mini forest trees, and moss carpet, these dwellings would be perfect for any winged person.

2-18-11 024

2-18-11 023

2-18-11 028

2-18-11 027

2-18-11 019

2-18-11 015

2-18-11 014

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  1. Oh my gosh I used to build fairy houses and put them in my backyard where we had some woods. IT was the best I love fairies!

  2. Very interesting.
    The shallow DOF in these photos is pretty nice.
    If I see any fairies of that size in need of a house, I'll be sure to tell you. :)

  3. Those are so cute! I used to build fairy houses all the time! Wait, who am I kidding? I made on last summer ... and I'll probably make another one this summer. ;)

  4. I used to pretend that lavender flower were little fairy cups. I even wrote a poem about it. :)

    So, I voted to take off the playlist, because: even though I LOVE the music you play (you have really good taste, and actually I heard Ingrid's Everybody on here first) but usually I have my own music playing, so it's hard to listen to them both. :)

  5. This is a fantastic idea! I am stealing it for my kidos! The pictures are great too!

  6. Oh those are beyond cute!!! I'll be heading to my home town (Vancouver WA) in march and there's a gorgeous forest we love to hike in...and there was a big stump that had this little "fairy village" built in to it! I'm crossing my fingers it's still there! if it is i'll get pictures for sure :) Happy Weekend M!

  7. M, I just thought of a solution to your music. ;)
    I personally really like it, but I do know people who don't.
    You should use MixPod (http://www.mixpod.com/)! It gives people the option of playing the music. :)
    Just a thought!
    ps- can't want to see your SHS!

  8. ahhh, this is AWESOME. love it!!

  9. this is amazing! when i was 10, my friends and i would build fairy villages with twigs and flowers...this brings back old memories! :)


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