new lens, baby!!


Guess who got a new lens today? Me, me! That's who. Remember when I mentioned it way back in December? Well this morning I got it. I was surprised at how small sized it is compared to my other lens. But it fits nice and snug in my camera bag, plus my Rebel is way cuter now that it has a tiny lens to go with it. Thanks so much, Kristin! Ready to see the very first picture I took with it?

2-13-11 038

Yes, it is quite a charming shot of my little sister. I'm really liking how the lens handles the backdrop in bokeh and how it composes color. 
I don't really have any more photos for now, but never fear- I promise you'll be seeing more soon. Until then, I'll leave you with this darling little face. {no, this isn't my dog. but oh how i wish he was.}

2-13-11 039


  1. I have that same lens! {I looked at your old post to see if it really was the same} I love it! I also love how cute it makes my rebel look haha
    have fun with it!

  2. Congrats on the new lens, M!
    You should find it useful for indoor shots where there isn't a lot of light; however, when shooting indoors where there wasn't a lot of light, I've had to raise the ISO on my XS to at least 400 even with that lens wide open to get a reasonably quick shutter speed.
    I think you'll like it (most people do), but I still don't think I'll get one unless it's really cheap - I like the build quality, sound, etc. of my 35 f/2 better...granted, it is around 3 times as expensive. :)

    Allie, she got a 50 1.8II (you can read about it in her included link at the top of this page).

  3. She's adorable even with the squished face! love it :) And I love the bokeh background too! Can't wait to see more shots from your new lense :) And Happy Love Day to you M <3


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