the simple things


Today, another wonderful day. Wonderful in the way that the simple things are what matter most.
We spent about an hour just exploring in the fields, having stick wars, and throwing rocks into the creek. My sis's guy came down for the afternoon too, so that was nice. It was incredibly warm and dare I say it; humid. I am so excited for spring. Seeing new life excites me. I'm experimenting with my camera's functions yet again, and found a more natural setting I really like to use with my new lens. What do you think? Hope you all had a splendid weekend!

2-27-11 073

2-27-11 075

2-27-11 068

2-27-11 069

2-27-11 078

2-27-11 072

2-27-11 074

2-27-11 071

2-27-11 070

2-27-11 082

2-27-11 083


  1. oh my goodness they are too cute!

  2. Oh wow, these are just beyond great! Love them all, so lovely :)

    K xoo

  3. Aw. They are all so adorable! SJ has the most beautiful smile, he seems so happy!
    Okay, that probably makes sense now that he's with your family. Never mind :) days like those are always the best!

  4. Lovely! So jealous you are experiencing spring! :)

  5. that sounds like such a GREAT day! the simple things in life are sometimes the biggest. wishing you a wonderful day.

  6. Oh I am LOVING the smiles in the previous post but I have to ask... where is your brothers shirt?

  7. They're just beautiful. It must be wonderful having your baby brother home with you!

    Btw, thanks for following my blog. I feel honored! <3

  8. I really had to comment on both posts. These kids are absolutely adorable.

    xoxo, Natasha Solae


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