wednesday wishes


1. fresh flowers
I honestly cannot wait till we start our gardening. This is probably the most amazing part of springtime, seeing the flowers sprout up and bloom. I constantly have glass vases and jars filled with luscious blossoms during the spring/summer seasons. Flowers bring such joy to me, they always have.

2-23-11 011

2-23-11 018

2. the beach
This one makes me laugh a little, because who's not wishing always for a getaway to the ocean? I was flipping through magazines this morning, and saw this.

2-23-11 014

3. long hair
My hair is obviously way shorter than hers. I actually recently got mine cut. And now I want to grow it out again. Maybe by this time next year?

2-23-11 003

4. mineral eye colors
This wish definitely comes from the girly girl side of me. But I can't help it, out of all the different make up tools, eye colors have to be my favorite. I so enjoy experimenting with different looks and styles when it comes to my eyes. 

2-23-11 006

5. hair flowers
Need I say more? These things are adorable. {these are my sister's, which means I'm only allowed to photograph them, not wear them}

2-23-11 007

6. miniature bobby pins
This is a wish that has come true. I just had to gush blog about it for a minute. I have a love for anything little and tiny. When I saw these in the dollar store, I was overjoyed.

2-23-11 008

6. fashion change
I want to try new things when it comes to my clothes. Maybe wear more frills, or mix patterns together. Maybe even wear that pair of magenta cords that's in my closet. Being bolder when it comes to fashion is something I'm not good at, so I want to improve it.

2-23-11 016

7. that you'll link up too
You can help out with this one. Why not click on the link below & link up to Brooke's Wednesday Wishes with your own? Thanks! 


  1. beautiful pictures!! and beautiful wishes! I want my hair to be long too but I've wanted that my whole life. My hair just will not grow past a certain point :(
    I'm glad we're friends :)

  2. thank you for following! :) means a lot to me!
    i love zinnias and those hair flowers are adorable!
    i know what you mean about changing up your style- in the last year mine has completely evolved and it's so much fun to try new things!!

  3. My hair is inching up to that point :) I need it cut, mostly so that the layers will fall right.

    The beach! Counting down the days till spring break.

    Have an AMAZING week! :)

  4. I have really thin hair, so I totally know what you mean about the miniature bobby pins! I LOVE THEM!

  5. Oh, I love this post layout! Very fun. Minnie bobby pins? Awesome! I'll have to look those up...occasionally I'll pull little bits from the from of my hair back and it looks cute enough but you end up with bobby pins sticking out the side of your head...bobby pins sounds like the ideal solution:)

  6. some day i'm going to participate in this! really, it looks so fun! Loved reading yours♥

  7. I adore fresh flowers as well...once the ones in our garden start blooming, I'm going to start making it a habit to always have some in my room :)

  8. wonderful wishes! I can't wait to buy my own flowers and put them in my house one day! and I need a fashion change too! I wish we could go shopping together and we can learn from each other !:D

  9. Your pictures are gorgeous! I enjoyed reading your wishes..I would like to be more outgoing with my wardrobe as well!

  10. I like frills! LOVE those miniature bobby pins. How cute are they! Hope your hair grows quickly! : )

  11. great wishes! :) and great pictures too, as always! I love wildflowers too... I hope to have my own sunflower patch this year!

  12. lovely wishes, lovely post :)

  13. such pretty pictures :) i also wish i could get away to the ocean....hehe.

    blessings <3

  14. i love mini things too. burger sliders, netbooks, babies; all adorable;) love the hair flowers too. easy to make and fun to wear, suh-weet.


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