a photo challenge and spring


Allie is having a photo challenge, and procrastinating me waited until the last minute to enter. The theme is pets, and so naturally, I've chosen this one of Hodge Podge. He's been my walking companion during these warm spring days. His muzzle is always to the ground as we walk through the woods, turning over leaves and whiffing flowers. He's a gentle and loyal boy, he makes my life complete.

march 2011 287

Spring. I could just forget about the rest and blog about this season from here on out. Sound good?
These wild irises bloom every April up on one of the hills behind my house. Yesterday I hiked up to see their progress. The new greens have covered the ground, promising purple blooms to come soon. 
march 2011 280

Spring makes everyone happier. It's such a simple thing. Like a smile. Seeing it makes you feel better inside. 

march 2011 278

march 2011 277

march 2011 281

What do you love best about spring?


  1. That fourth one is wonderful!! and thank you for your sweet comment :D

  2. all of your pictures are beautiful but the 4th one especially is just exquisite!!

  3. I love Spring because the snow finally melts away and I can see green once again!
    Lovely photos as usual :)
    Cute pup :)

  4. wow, such pretty pictures!!

  5. I love the first photo! So pretty with the soft colors. :) Thanks for linking up, even if it was at the last minute! :) I love Spring because it's bright and warm and just so pretty! :)

  6. I always love your depth of field. Beautiful!

  7. Amazing pictures!! The dog is SO cute! The 3rd picture is SO precious! LOVE your blog and your photography! :)

  8. These are so beautiful! My favorite thing about Spring is the warm sun. It will get HOT all too soon in here, in GA.

  9. Wow those are great pictures!!
    I love you blog M!!!!!
    Your dog is really cute!
    What I love best about spring is: the new life God gives to the world, flowers bloom, the grass grows green, and birds sing prase to there creator!
    In Christ


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