the weekend and a photo challenge


This was truly a spring weekend. The sun was out every day along with a nice cool breeze. Butterflies came out of hiding and covered the flowers all over the yard. The trees around my house are now bursting in a full green bloom. My feelings about this weekend can be summed up with these photos...

4-7-11 105

What makes you smile like this?
4-7-11 104

4-7-11 103

Carlotta is having a photo challenge, and the theme is spring. I took this one yesterday afternoon as the sun
beamed through the canopy of trees above the lane. To see more spring entries, go here.

4-9-11 005


  1. This weekend was very spring-y for me, too. :) I love those smiles...They're so cute. Also your spring picture is lovely. :)


  2. LOVE those Smiles!!!
    Beautiful Spring photo! Thanks for the link...I linked up too!

    I soooooooo LOVE Springtime.....I'm smiling!

  3. Oh my gosh his smile is precious!!
    Beautiful spring picture too :)

  4. That is a beautiful Spring photo. And his smile-can't beat that!!!

  5. So sweet! the biggest smiles I've ever seen :)

  6. see, this is what i'm talking about when i say it's unbelievable how you capture them... it's perfect.

  7. i love these to the moon and back...seriously...


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