the zoo


We took a little trip to the zoo this past Saturday.
4-2-11 008

4-2-11 027

4-2-11 017

4-2-11 021

4-2-11 022

The meerkats will never cease to be my favorites. I would totally have hopped right over the fence, scooped one right up, stuck him in my purse and carried him home - if not for the fact that he just might bite the hec out of my hand.
4-2-11 025

4-2-11 031

4-2-11 050

4-2-11 048

4-2-11 049

4-2-11 047

4-2-11 053

Even graffiti can be done on bamboo.

4-2-11 054

4-2-11 060

4-2-11 062

4-2-11 065

4-2-11 073

4-2-11 077

My sister's guy came along for the trip too...
4-2-11 078

4-2-11 089

I've decided that flamingos are some of the most photogenic animals out there. Graceful, and experts on posing.
4-2-11 091

4-2-11 095

4-2-11 096

4-2-11 103

4-2-11 116

When we walked up to the elephant exhibit, S pointed and shouted, "Look at the tall big one!"
4-2-11 122

4-2-11 123

4-2-11 124

4-2-11 142

4-2-11 146

4-2-11 131

All in all, it made for a serene getaway.

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  1. Lovely photos...and it looks like you had a lovely day. Meerkats always remind me of Timon from The Lion King. :] It's so adorable to see the wonder on faces of little kids as they watch exotic animals. I adore that last black and white shot of yours...classic. <3

  2. oh my goodness thank you for mentioning the contest!!! and thank you so much for voting!! :) I am so excited <3 and I love the zoo, it looks like you had so much fun!

  3. flamingos make gorgeous bokeh. :) beautiful photos!

  4. Fun, fun, fun! I love going to the Zoo! The photos of the flamingos are great!

  5. Lovely photos! Sounds like a nice day at the zoo. I went just a few weeks ago. I like the flamingos, too. :)


  6. Oh, I LOVE going to the zoo! Getting pictures of the animals was super fun too. I love all those pictures-and the ones of the flamingos were wonderful!

  7. Wow your pictures are really great!!!!!
    I really like the first one :)
    I agree with every one else that the flamingo pictures are great!
    You wonderful pictures made me feel like I was at the zoo! Thank you for sharing!!
    In Christ

  8. Great pics! Love going to the zoo :)

  9. Such a cute post! I love your photos! :) I agree, the flamingos seem very photogenic!

  10. These were some truly wonderful photos!

  11. GORGEOUS PHOTOS! (as always:) Makes me want to go to the zoo with my 2 boys! And i love meerkats :)

  12. I love the picture of the flamingo with it's head in the water. Our FAVE exhibit now is the baby giraffe. Molly could sit for hours watching it :)

  13. Just discovered your blog. What beautiful photographs! Lovely! Susan x


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