i digress


All those loud claps of thunder and pourdowns of rain have turned for the better. The trees and grass have turned to a vibrant hue of greens. May is here, with the promise of more flowers and life. Occasionally, I'll stumble upon a birds nest in the woods on one of my walks. A cardinal couple has chosen the forsythia bushes next to my house as their nesting destination. Mr Cardinal apparently finds the front porch a perfect place to perch during the day.

These spring days are made for bare feet. There's no feeling like the grass between your toes, the warm earth beneath your heels. It brings back child-like memories of playing in the garden hose and eating orange cream popcicles.

Sometimes the way I hoped for a picture to turn out, doesn't happen. Sometimes that picture ends up being a masterpiece by accident. Photos like this remind me that photography is a reward all in itself. The feeling of capturing moments effortlessly is so freeing, because its what I love to do. No matter how the photos turn out, they're my work. My mistakes to learn from. My style that no one can take. Through each picture taken, my journey is growing and memories are being captured.
What do you love most about photography?

I thought I woud share a blog that I came across the other day. Things Organized Neatly is possibly my favorite tumblr blog. The uniqueness and simplicity just appeals to me. I love little tidy things.
This photo most likely defines the opposite of tidy. Crayola colored bubbles are messy yet fun.


  1. I'm so in love with that last photo. It.is.BEAUTIFUL.

  2. this post is so refreshing.

    i love that little cardinal
    & the feet picture is soo sweet.

    hope are having a wonderful beginning of may<3

  3. Colored bubbles!?! I MUST get myself some! Beautiful pictures by the way!

  4. What I love most about photography? I love when I can capture things only I seem to see... then I combine it with my other love, painting. There is nothing better than printing a photo you took (on canvas) and painting over it. It's beyond relaxing and I tend to spend more time with my thoughts and God when I can relax. Makes for a happy time.

  5. I like tidy things, too, but sometimes making a mess is just so much more fun. Like in that picture. :)

  6. oh, i so want to play with those bubbles, i think crayola is pure magic. kudos on taking a picture of a bird, that can be hard to do.

  7. love the picture of the little feet :) my favourite thing about photography is just being able to capture a certain moment forever. I love looking back on old photos and see days that I've totally forgot about come back to life :) your pictures are stunning!


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