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I think its only fair to warn you that this post is quite lengthy and drawn out. I just consumed two chocolate truffles and am feeling chipper {did I just say chipper?}. There are probably more words in this post than pictures. I'm not positive though. Anyway, its a pretty long post. I suggest you drink coffee while reading, or eat truffles.
a note to new followers: Hey guys! I'm so so so happy you're here. Hope you'll stay a while, (and that I don't scare you off as my chocolate hype wears off...)


First off, school. Doesn't that seem to be every teenager's preoccupation? I have one week remaining and then my junior year will be complete. Looking back on it all, I can honestly say it went by so quickly. In the midst of it though, I would have told you time was as slow as a snail. School has a way of doing that... Anyway, summer break is days away. My plans have changed a bit, but that's alright with me. I still have incredibley hot days ahead, promises of traveling to the ocean, and life's everyday surprises along the way. Summer always feels like a new start, something exciting.


Give a child a cape and a field to run around in, and you will capture some epic action shots. I couldn't help but share the one above with you. That obviously must be his superpower; spitting.

May 2011

{please, someone que the Avett Brothers' song 'Swept Away'. these three photos would go perfectly with it.}

My dance recital is coming up quickly, the end of May. Huge rehearsals are to commence shortly, building up the intense excitement of the big day. Recial day. sigh. There's just something about it - the smell of hairspray, countless numbers of bobby pins, being with friends, oh. And recital nightmares. I'm sure those of you who dance know what I'm talking about. I've already had my first nightmare, in which I had to recollection of the choreography whatsoever. Eh. Also, my ballet costume is hanging in my closet. Each time I walk in and see it, I seriously have a mini heart attack. Guess I'm a little excited?


So. You must click here and take a look at the new place I found. The Beauty Department has become one of my favorite websites. I'm taking more and more interest in fashion {although clearly not seen in my attire} and I love looking at all the great hair and makeup ideas.


You know what I've realized? I really do love taking pictures. Okay, so that might be an obvious statement. I mean, this is a photography blog and everything. But everytime I get my camera out, it always feels so refreshing and freeing for me. When someone asks me to take a picture, I do it and love it. Photography never feels like a chore to me. And I think that's a wonderful thing.



This lanky post can not end without me sharing a Julian Smith video with you. Mr Timn is possibly the best thing since sliced bread. Here it is, 'yall.

So enough about me... I want to catch up with you lovely followers! Tell me about what's been going on in your life lately.

Okay. One more thing, I promise, this will be it. What do you think of the new header? Do you prefer the font only, or a photo background?


  1. the new header looks great! simple but modern :) I love the bokeh shots! your pictures are absolutely stunning :)

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love the bokeh and the cape one: priceless.
    I'm with you on school--while I'm in class it seems to drag but as soon as I get home I realize how few days I have left. It's kind of scary actually.
    And I love the new header. It looks so much simpler but in a completely good way. :)

  3. Awesome photos! Love the bokeh especially!

  4. Hmm...even though what you have now is simple and sweet, I have to say that I like the color of the picture header. It gives your blog a bit more personality.
    Oh, sweet! I have my dance recital coming up in a week, too! :) I'm excited...and even though I don't quite have the jitters yet, I know I will soon. There was a little, eh, last minute choreography, so I'm hoping I don't have one of those "my-whole-memory-is-suddenly-wiped-out" moments. =S Good luck on your recital!

  5. ^Really awkward. That comment from "Grant"...yeah. That's really me. I didn't realize that I was logged into my brother's account until I hit publish. =P
    Sorry girl. Bahahhaa. :)

  6. Oh wow! This coming week is my last week of school too!
    AND I have a ballet performance next week! Crazy. :)
    I absolutly adore the shows. But yes. Jitters indeed. And major major excitement!
    I'm in six dances total, if you include the grand finale. Which, btw, is probably my favorite part of the entire show. *sigh* Now I really can't wait. But I'm super nervous too! Gah! I think you understand. :)

    Btw, I personally prefer a header with a photo. Which, uh, doesn't show on my blog. Yeaahhh ... time to make a new header. :-P

  7. this is my last week of school as well (not counting finals...those are next week. eek.)...I am more than ready to be d.o.n.e! good luck on your dance recital -- and I'm totally with you on photography. when I focus on the sound of the shutter I want to die of happiness.

  8. Oh wow I miss ballet so much... well not for myself... for the girls. Maybe when we get back from Alaska... if. *sigh*
    I really like your photo backgrounds. I think the words are nice but I so enjoy your photography.

  9. Sure hope you enjoy your summer!

    That flag capture is so glorious...and so is that sweet little super hero.

  10. so happy to see this post. no seriously, I was just thinking yesterday that I would LOVE to see a new post from your sweet blog pop up in my dashboard! :) and this one was just perfect. chocolate will do that, right? ;) have a wonderful week!

  11. Beautiful photos! I especially love the first one -- the focus + bokeh + tones are stunning. Love. Good luck on your dance recital! Our spring ballet performance is on June 11th, and I'm very excited!

    Have a lovely day!


  13. Another great post!
    I'm really loving these new 'wordy' posts. I am terrible at blogging with words, I just stick to pictures! Haha!
    P.S. I love your brothers spitting power :p


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