life is beautiful


{note to reader: this one of those posts where you have to sing a little song in your head while reading, because it fits perfectly. life is beautiful by vega4. It is truly one of my favorite listening pieces.}

My life is far from perfection. Serenity is something I must search for, quiet is something rare. But realizing that if I constantly lived in the surroundings I want here and there, I see how dull it would become. Reaching for something that you don't have at the moment gives you the strength overcome. It sometimes even adds a little adventure to the day.IMG_2139


Probably the most important moments to me are the silly ones. The seemingly passing happenings that turn out to be the most treasured ones. I honestly don't know how I could get through the day without that amazing function called laughter. When you really think about it, a laugh is something unique. No one teaches a baby to laugh. She grins for the first time and giggles burst out, warming hearts all around her. Laughter is contagious, it is spontaneous.



  1. love the pictures! especially the first and the one of your sister's smile :) your right about laughter.. we'd be nowhere without it

  2. hey! i know this isn't about the post, but you should have a button or two for your blog! i could make some for you if you want!

  3. francesca, thank you so much for the offer! that's so sweet. but until i do a huge remodeling job of my blog, i'm going to wait to get a button. thank you again though!

  4. That second shot cracks me up - I love the expression on his face.

  5. @ M
    that's fine! after you're done remodeling i'll still be happy to do it for you...if you want me to that is!

  6. Lovely post! I really like the focus on the first yellow-flower picture. Keep up the great photography!
    ~Simi ♥

  7. Neat photos!! As usual great post :)


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