Lately, my life has slowed down. The days have become slow paced, giving me time to think and breath. Taking the usual strolls down the lane, I can mark the tiny everythings that summer is leaving behind. Somewhere between the colored leaves and notably cooler nights, fall is rushing in...I can smell it in the air. I have the time to lay in bed and read to my heart's content, finishing the books that I started when summer had first begun. Every now and then, the work is tedious, but I can already tell that my senior year will be somewhat of a breeze. I don't have to concentrate as hard as I once did, knowing the finish line is in clear view.
my room
Lately, I've felt the need to rearrange the things in my room. After a thorough dusting, I replaced the wilted vased flowers with the last of summer's fresh vibrant green branches. I moved my desktop objects around. I set my necklaces on a moss covered stone that I found, it makes the perfect jewelry display and keeps the chains from being tangled. Too anxious for fall, I went ahead and filled in the September days on my wall calendar. Its amazing how fair and cozy my room is now that I've completed these subtle changes.
Lately, I have known what it feels like to truly miss someone. To know they're somewhere else away from you is an absence hard to bare. The verb "to miss" is something that makes you hold onto every word they say, and you find yourself traveling back to the memories of them inside your head. You catch yourself smiling because of something they said. And then, sometimes remembering is the only thing that lets you carry on.
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thorns and leaves
Lately music has become more and more important to me. In the morning, I wake up and routinely turn on my favorite playlist to start the day. At night, I fall asleep to the melody of a piano streaming through my earbuds. I have never realized how much of an essential music is to me. Just imagine a world without it. Music lets people connect, it gives everyone a chance to have something in common. What are some of your favorite artists/listening pieces?purple weed
Hope everyone is having a lovely day.


  1. I am a HUGE fan of anything Owl City these days. I listen to it for every mood I am in. Do you know owl city?

  2. I love these pictures!!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I especially love the purple flower/wildflower thing. :)

  3. mmhmm. My life is also kind of a blur, while I desparately try to hold on to some semblance of routine and foundation.
    And music...I don't THINK I could live without it...but I haven't tried :)


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