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IMG_7620 Anna's Photoshoot Slideshow7 IMG_7623 Anna's Photoshoot Slideshow3 IMG_7631 Anna's Photoshoot Slideshow4 Anna's Photoshoot Slideshow5 IMG_7785 Anna's Photoshoot Slideshow-001 Anna's Photoshoot Slideshow6 Anna's Photoshoot Slideshow2 IMG_7642 Anna's Photoshoot Slideshow8 IMG_7726 IMG_7864 Recital 20122
before one of the shows this weekend, i did a little photoshoot. there's nothing like capturing the essense of passion with a passion. ballet and photography? yes, i think so. my beautiful friend, anna, simply was her graceful natural self as i moved around with my camera back stage. the low lighting behind the curtains sort of startled me at first (still working out the how-to-shoot in certain lighting conditions). but i'm learning to love the softer textures of color and the grainy black and whites.
stunning work, anna. you could very well be a dancer in a degas painting. 


  1. Ballet is truly beautiful! I know what you mean about low light; I'm still trying to figure it out myself. ;) Lovely photos!

  2. what an amazing set of pictures! the last two are absolutely stunning.

  3. These are great, and Anna looks beautiful :) Wonderful pictures! xx

  4. Yay! These make me so happy! Thanks for all the hard work you put in; I had a wonderful time!

  5. lovelovelove the black and white. makes me want to dance. (:

  6. these pictures make me insanely happy. they are beautiful. :)

  7. oh, my. these are incredible. she's beautiful, and you're so talented!


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