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its been quite a while since my last photo session with this girl. since we're sisters, i see her everyday. nearly 24/7, i am exposed to her neverending belly laughter and fanciful conversation starters. but there's just something about taking an hour to simply capture her through the lens.
IMG_6506 IMG_6297 IMG_6494 IMG_6452 IMG_6461
i am reminded that there are face expressions of her that i have yet to see. big brown eyes full of wonder and curiosity, close in a moment revealing a side of her that is the epitome of peace. lips always on the verge of opening to release an inspirational word or two. that quizzical raising of eyebrows which suddenly can focus to a skeptical stare.
IMG_6483 IMG_6511 IMG_6291 IMG_6318
oh little one, where has the time gone? i swear that it was just yesterday you became part of the family. gracing us forever with your sweet smile and carefree disposition. but now, you are a very grown up six year old. the cuteness turned to beauty in the blink of an eye. and here you are. the girl who picks mint chocolate chip ice cream every time. you lose yourself in a familiar song, surrenduring yourself to the rythmn somewhere deep inside. you light up the room with your melodious laughter, you can nearly tear it down with your sassy tears. you are gorgeous from the inside out, so never forget it. you are loved always. IMG_6294 May 20123 IMG_6512 IMG_6529 IMG_6398 IMG_6499
May 20122
(black and white images were shot in freelens form)


  1. Aw, she is so darling. Gorgeous pictures too; how did you the the grain?

  2. aw she's so sweet :) lovely lovely pictures.

  3. so beautiful, madison! love this set. :)

  4. such a sweetheart. both of you.
    -jocee <3

  5. She is so precious!
    Also, how do you get the graininess in your photos? I love it. (:

  6. lovely, just lovely. she's going to look back at this when she's older and just smile. (:

  7. Your love for her radiates :)

  8. I still think esther and lilly would get along fabulously. hah! beautiful shots, love :)

  9. It was great to "see" Esther here! Miss Macy especially liked seeing her friend :)

  10. I love the end collage, so cute!

  11. Oh wow!!! Your sister is SOOO cute!!
    I absolutely LOVE your photography. I just found your blog, and it's SO gorgeous.



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