the littles went trick or treating on halloween eve


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confession; i have an irrational fear of all things dressed up. masks. painted faces. the whole deal kinda freaks me out. i can't exactly explain why, but ever since i was a little i've avoided tricking and treating and all that jazz. the embarrassing thing is i cannot call my fear a childish one, because children find disguising themselves on the thirty first of october - thrilling. my three younger siblings are oh so brave. they delight in an evening filled with door to door recieving of candy in costume. before the kids headed out on their mission in the minivan tonight, i gathered them to the front yard for photos. its these rare moments when i know i am the "annoying photographer" i try so hard not to be. i mean really, who wants to be photographed when there's candy waiting somewhere else? its understandable afterall.


  1. this is adorable. your siblings are precious. love the ironman costume!

  2. they are so so so sweet. i love this. and know exactly what you mean about the annoying photographer. my siblings were feeling the same about me tonight. :)

  3. oh geez, who's ironman? i'll give him lots of caaaandy!

  4. this is too cute. love their costumes! x


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