thoughts on being stuck in a creative rut


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BLACK AND WHITE. or, rather, the truth of the matter. the not-so-cheery side of things. its no secret; i've been stuck for a while. i've lost my taste for writing, literature altogether. getting through a novel seems like trudging up a mountain to me. my zeal for photography is slacking as well. i feel like i capture the same frame over and over and over. and to be blatantly honest, i don't like this. i miss the days of having opportunities to take my camera different places with new faces and grander scenes, the days i'd crave reading like a fresh drink of water. but i just haven't been my old self lately. my life of creativity; its either black and white or color everywhere. that's just how it is sometimes. so, here i am, typing out words for you to read. still stuck in this rut. i think it seems almost against nature when i have to force myself to blog. or to pick up my camera and to take pictures. writing and photography are my passions, aren't they? then why do i feel compelled to give them up sometimes? second guessing myself comes easy in times like these.
SOME COLOR. i have come to the conclusion that we all find things in life that just click with us. completely, and in every way possible. sometimes they must be searched for, found through trial and error. we find ourselves surprisingly able to complete and create, to pour forth our talents into these things. we call these our passions. it is what we live to do, pointing back to our knowing we were created for reason. passions are our ways of living out reason. and to be true to ourselves and our motives, there must be questions. in other words, i'm saying that it is okay to get stuck sometimes! to rethink, to take a hiatus, a breather. true, its going to feel awfuly unsure and might get you worried for a second or two. but these ruts sometimes are opportunities to sit back and take a look at your work. they're proof that you're serious about what you're doing. for me, photography and writing are, in majority, fun. but ever so often i will get this tiredsome feeling and must take a break. or i'll run out of ideas and inspiration. because photography and writing are actually work. my passions will and do challenge me. i'm constantly working against myself to find new angles and new words. to stretch my vocabulary and stretch my point of view. i think if you take your passions seriously, you will find yourself stuck in a rut at least once in your life. the important thing is to remember you will find your way out, back onto solid ground again. and you can only get better from there.


  1. amen to that! this is lovely.

  2. um, this is amazing. even in a rut, you still inspire. xo

  3. You know, in the Webster's dictionary, inspiration is given by the Divine. When I get into these inspiration ruts, I don't make a cuppa tea, or journal, or make myself take pictures. I take a breather and listen for the Holy Spirit.
    And it's so nice to find a kindred spirit, by the way.

  4. i didn't see this before, but found it now and can only say, thank you. so often, i get stuck in a rut and worry about where i am and where to go, and this is exactly what i need to hear. love you and your photos and your words lots and lots.


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