sometimes we forget to take a moment and love the day


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its six twenty a.m. just another day, just another morning. the time when our house becomes a bit of a mad house. little bare feet slap the floor, running here and there and everywhere. spoons and bowls clank in the sink after cereal is consumed, glasses of milk are downed. turns are tried to be taken for occupation of the bathroom. water runs steadily and faces are washed with washcloths, teeth are brushed, hair is combed through. khaki slacks and polos are either ironed or taken off hangers, jeans are buttoned, belts are looped and buckled. i was halfway across the living room, when i saw this kid through the window, sitting on the front porch. i opened the door, "whatcha doing out here, buddy?" the air was surprisingly warm and a mass of rain clouds hung in the sky. it was calm, quiet. "oh. just putting on my socks." he had found the perfect place to escape and take in the morning. by himself. contently fitting his stockings around his little toes and heels. listening to the stillness of the beginning of the day.
the moral of this story is to love the day. take a moment for yourself. because its there for you, always. when busy seems all that you are, remember to breathe. stepping outside or closing your eyes is nice, but its not a must. simply be all there. wherever you are. take a good look at the place and the people around you, i promise you'll find a reason to love today. i'm not saying to take in the moment with selfish intent, but rather in adoration to the Maker. today belongs to Him, He has given it to you. today holds purpose. every day does. and today, it took a little boy sitting on the porch putting on his socks to remind me of this.


  1. Love this... And you're so right.

  2. this is really awesome. i can relate - many years ago we lived on a farm for a while...i remember putting on my shoes on the front porch early every morning to go help with chores... those clear, still moments put everything in perspective. days with moments like that are always wonderful.
    thank you for this!

  3. I pretty much died from the adorableness. I know exactly the kind of madness you mean. We FosterCare three little boys and... it's chaos in the mornings.

  4. This adorable! Little kiddos are usually the best examples!
    xx Natalia

  5. "today belongs to Him, He has given it to you. today holds purpose. every day does..."

    Amen to that, and a great reminder as well. :) Thank-you, Madison!

  6. oh how I love that reminder!! slow down and breathe it in!

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