i ♥ faces "texture" photo challenge..


The contest this week at i ♥ faces is ''texture''.
I was completely baffled at first as to how I was going to get a photo with texture in it? Many thoughts raced into my mind. Bubbles? Grass? Fur
? I attempted all of these.. but they didn't turn out the way I wanted them to. O well.
Then E wanted to show me her new glasses. What? Silly, you don't have glasses. She took me out on our porch and climbed into a chair. (I had my camera ready for whatever she was going to do.) She leaned over and looked through the chair's design and made the silliest face ever. I laughed as I shot the picture. Kids are so unexpected.
I love this because of E's goofy expression.. the fa
ct that one of her fingers has green nail polish left on it.. & because of the texture of the rusty, yellow chair.
I think it gives the picture a unique touch.. because it's totally her.


  1. I love this picture. Shows her personality even though I don't know her!

  2. What a perfect shot! I just love her expression!

  3. Ha! That's so cute! I remember doing something exactly like that when I was a kid, looking through rings in a chair design pretending I could see into another world. :D

    Great photo, very fun! :)

  4. how fun,,, and so great that she was so cretive to see her new "glasses" in this chair


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