much to say, but no pictures...


Needless to say...
I am still waiting on the computer disk drive to be repaired, so I can install the software disk, then I can upload all of my photos (who are anxiously waiting on my camera). I can just see some horrible thing happening.. like, me accidentally erasing them (as I've done in the past).. probably one of the worst feelings for me.. all those perfect shots. Gone.
But I've saved them onto the memory card, so hopefully they are safe (don't really know, because I can't quite get a grip on the camera's many, many functions). I have about posted all of my recent pictures taken with the old camera.. I've been shooting away with the new one (by the way, it is a dream come true. love it.) I'm taking it with me tomorrow.. we are going to see our friends' Irish-step-dancing recital. Hopefully flash photography will be allowed and maybe I can post some here:) I love getting new photo challenges.. a dance recital sounds pretty fun! So I'm signing off for tonight..
with much to say, but no pictures.

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  1. good luck with that, most recitals don't allow that. I've had people flash like crazy while I'm on stage, it's so not fun! See you Monday.


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