i ♥ faces "hands on fun" challenge...


This weekend the weather reached up to 71 degrees. Amazing for winter, eh?
I took E and S to the creek by the field.. they found some long sticks & happily cast them into the water. E caught one fish (a rare maple-
leaf-trout).. S did not have much luck.
I was watching them play and as I did I saw S reach out his little hand to sister E.
It was pri
I usually always have my camera with me, and they held hands long enough for me to get a picture.
Well, anyways, this week at
i ♥ faces is all about hands... & here's my entry.
I love the effect from the sun, and the scene a sister and brother,
sharing a tender moment.


  1. i love this shot, very story book feeling... it's like I'm getting ready to see them off on an adventure.

  2. Sweet sibling shot...how fun to look at 10 years down the road!

  3. Super sweet and great light! Hand holding is so adorable...maybe we should all do it more often.

  4. Nice Photo! I like the colors in their shirts and the reflection in the water. Of course, a tender moment between siblings is nice too!


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