i ♥ faces "i wanna dance" photo challenge...


This week the challenge at i ♥ faces is all about dancing.
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E loves to dance.
My iPod is probably her best friend.. she loves any kind of music- as long as it has a beat that she can do a jig to. Her top choices include Taylor Swift, Disney soundtracks, & Miley Cyrus.
This is a picture of E getting her groove on this chilly winter day.
As usual, she couldn't just dance- she had to sing a bouncy tune as well.
I love the expression on her face.. the setting.. and the carefree pose caught on camera as she bounced and twirled.
...who says all this snow has to dampen her fun?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so amazed at the beautiful photos (and the number of them too! )at the I love Faces site. I love your photo, so natural, just having a good time, my favorite kind of photo. It looks like you might be a Boston Terrier fan too. Now that our kids are grown, I'm afraid the dogs are showing up on my blog more and more!
    I'm going to remember not to let the snow dampen my enthusiasm either!


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