april fools...


April Fools Day.
This day is often looked forward to as a day to play harmless pranks & jokes on friends and family, and hopefully to get a few good laughs.
But honestly, how many of us know the history of this holiday that falls on April the first? I didn't.

The actual beginning of this holiday isn't quite clear, in fact, it is believed to have developed over a period of time.
Sometime during the late 1500's in France, the date to celebrate the new year began on March 25 and lasted until April 1st- the new year's date then.
New year's day was later changed to January 1st, under the orders of Charles IX.

Communication was slow during those times, and some of the people didn't hear of the changed date.
With that, they refused to celebrate the new year on any other day than April 1st. These people were dubbed "fools" by the general public, and often were teased and ridiculed.

From then on, April 1st has been a day for foolish trickery.
Well, enough with the history recap. Hope this day has held laughs for you...
and that maybe, just maybe, you found yourself being an April fool.

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