the resurrection trail...


Our church had an event called The Resurrection Trail today for kids.
It was a walk-through reenactment of Good Friday/Easter weekend in Bible times.
E and S really enjoyed it. The donkey was the biggest hit with S.
He even attempted to climb into the pen with it.

E really loved waving her palm branch around, with her own style, of course.
As we look forward to Easter Sunday, we are reminded of the hope that Jesus has given.
And that truth can be put in a grave...
but it won't stay there.


  1. I wish we could do something like this at our church! Happy Easter to you!

  2. I clicked through to your blog from Paper Bird/Little Fairy. LOVE your pictures! These are so sweet and bright. This song is pretty too ... this sounds way prettier than what Edward was playing in the movie. Is it different or am I just hearing it more clearly? :)


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