and so it begins...


Today was the first day of school, last day of summer for me.
And so it begins. The junior year.
The summer ended beautifully though.
My sis and I went to the Rebelution with some friends on Saturday. It was amazing. For those of you teens who haven't read Do Hard Things, you totally have to. Great book, but hearing them speak was really neat.
And then yesterday we spent the evening with the same awesome friends at the park. We ate watermelon. The guys played their guitars (and a violin). We played ultimate frisbee and ninja till dark. (Sigh. Wish I had pictures.)
It was the perfect day to describe summer.
I shot these after school. (A took the last two.)


  1. LIKE. and thanks for the noted photo credit:)

  2. Cute pics! How was your first day?

  3. Cute! How was your first day?


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