second day...


Second day.
Happy to report that its going well. Drawing has to be my favorite subject this year so far. Someday I'll get some pictures on here of my not-so-amazing creations. But its still really fun.
Advanced math and anatomy tutorials start tomorrow.
To tell you the truth, I am really really looking forward to next week... academic writing 2. I loved it the best last year and can't wait to see all my writing friends again!
After finishing school today around one, I walked to the garden with S.
We've been practicing frisbee with everyone here. S is a prodigy. Seriously. I've never seen a 3-year-old throw a frisbee so well.

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  1. "Not-so-amazing creations"?! Please. You draw better than Michealangelo (Which I know is spelled WAY wrong:)



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