the ball...


 the confederate christmas ball.
Sigh. It was amazing. I really really really love dancing, and this was a nice turn from ballet. I'll confess, hoop skirts are the most aggravating things on the planet. Getting in and out of vehicles had to be the most challenging part. But once on the dance floor, it became simpler. We all had dance cards, which during the breaks were filled out. I ended up not taking my camera, but thankfully one of the moms took hers. I did manage to get a couple of my dance card, a lovely souvenir of the ball. All in all, it was a memorable evening.
{my apologies for the blurriness of some of these}



 less than twenty days away.
Can you believe Christmas is really this close?


  1. Hoopskirts ARE terribly inconvenient, but oh-so-wonderful to dance, spin, and run in. :)

  2. so pretty. C looked amazing didn't she? glad you had fun.

  3. that seems like it was so much fun!! :D


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