a bit of this and that...


it tastes like the holidays.
It came in the mail. The tin of popcorn. Now it really does feel like Christmas, {not to mention tastes like it}.

 crafty much.
Some people are so good with crafts. I wish I could take credit for this little guy, but I can't. One of E's little dance friends' handed wrapped packs of gum out at class. Isn't he just the cutest?


the brother.
 He was my guinea pig yesterday {none of my other siblings were agreeing to hold still for the camera}. I wanted to try shooting with back light. I really liked it, although its not my favorite. What do you think?

 reindeer attire.
Drumroll please... E says this is her favorite outfit this winter. She loves the fact that she can wear leggings, a skirt, a hat, and hair bows all at the same time.

 where's that santa hat?
It seems to be the common question here at our house, coming from S. In getting down all of our holiday things from the attic, this santa hat was found. Yes, it might be a bit itchy. Yes, it might be a tad too big. But hey, who doesn't love wearing a santa hat? As of now, the santa hat is missing in action. But I have a feeling it will soon be back on S's little head.

 the nativity story.
This movie is amazing. We saw it in theaters when it first came out, and now it's become sort of a tradition. We watch it every year. Does your family have a Christmas movie-watching tradition?


  1. I'm trying to decide if I like backlight or not, and I think it depends on the kind of light. Yours are beautiful :)

  2. hey, thanks SO much for following my blog! :) I LOVED your pictures!

  3. Backlighting is one of my most favorite things. I just love it. It is an acquired taste though that is for sure : )

  4. I think you did a great job with the backlighting!!! Did you use a flash?


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